Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free 1Malaysia email account?

Are we not satisfied enough with facebook, yahoomail, gmail, twitter etc... you name it. Now under the 1Malaysia ETP, this government is rolling out it's plan to have us the Malaysians to own a FREE 1Malaysia email account developed by this lowly profile PN17 public listed company named Tricubes. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's for FREE.

But what's the point spending so much tax payers money on this type of project. I thought not long ago, there's one GLC who already bought Friendster. They should enhance Friendster's usage not just locally but internationally to challenge Facebook and Twitter and spread their 1Malaysia propaganda. What a waste, they already have a tool in the toolbox but still want to develop another one.

Anyway, I personally sceptical about this FREE email especially the implementation outcome. Imagine by having such an email, they through MCMC are able to trace your corresponding records, your social network, your bank transactions, who you have s*x with last night and made a scandal out of it when you become opposition guy, etc. They could raid your privacy anytime. Or they can simply use some services from hackers to spam your inbox by spreading sensitive messages and then accuse you for threatening national security. Believe me, anything can happen in Bolehland. I have doubt in integrity of these controlled email accounts.

So, after they have the Polis, MACC, MCMC, EC & Utusan to control our freedom. Soon who knows the so call FREE email account for each of us would have the same implication on our privacy. Think about it. I say NO to this doggie idea.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The footballing spirit of North Koreans, when is Malaysia?

The World Cup 2010 has started for about a week now. This edition is indeed one of the toughest World Cup with some shocking results involving favourite teams. In the first leg of 1st round matches, Spain were the most miserable team losing their game to Switzerland. Brazil had a tough time with the minnow North Korea.

But my standing ovation goes to North Korea for their superb play against Brazil. Initially before the match, I would expect Brazil to whack at least 3 goals but after the first half ended, I realised that North Korea have been playing well with their strong defensive shield targeting every spear and arrow coming from the onslaught Brazilian. They also showed they were able to switch to attacking mode at the right time. Although Brazil managed to score 2 goals in second half, Ji Yun-Nam pulled back with a consolation goal and that is enough for the team to celebrate against a team with multi-million dollars worth of players.

Contradict to North Korea’s political stand, the national football team don’t bear a single element of Kim Jong Il on the field. Although most of the players are amateur players wearing pariah football kit, that didn’t stop them to qualify for the World Cup Finals. Only a few attempts and they made it to 1966 and now 2010. That’s a great achievement. To live in a hostile country like North Korea never stop their players to show their patriotism especially Jong Tae-Se who cried while singing national anthem. He’s the only player so far that cried while singing national anthem.

Back to reality, again and again when is Malaysia going to qualify to World Cup? 2014, 2018 or … ? After Mokhtar Dahari’s era, we keep on sending our “whipping boys” to World Cup Zone Qualification for other Asian teams to wallop. We haven’t showed any progress one after another. Thousands of promises have been made in the media that they will do better but the results always go back to 0? I don’t really cheer for their previous SEA games success because that is just a pariah tournament.

We have a long history and as powerhouse of football nation in the past, but somehow after billions of ringgit spent to build the modern team, we still failed to repair the status. I guess it’s better to spend the money on other sports or welfare of the people. I feel humiliated to compare the achievement of North Korea with Malaysia?

Here are my suggestions to improve Malaysian football. We should stop subsidising FAM because based on my rating on their KPI performance, they fail miserably!!! Players now should start working with employers and their monthly allowance awarded by FAM should be cut to minimum. All remunerations should also be cut to minimum until the team start to make progress. Each player will be evaluated periodically based on KPI. Just give the under par players a sack but the door is opened to them if they improve. All political figures should be removed from FAM including the royal family. Let the local professionals including sport managers/ techticians/ coaches with excellent and proven CVs regardless of race, religion and political views to reset and develop FAM from ground.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tragedy between Florina Joseph, BHP & BP (Edited)

This is indeed another sad day in Malaysia. A helpless college student has been burnt to death in her car after collision with a car and lorry. It's sad that she could have potentially survived if the the Good Samaritan were able to borrow the fire extinguisher at that crucial moment from a nearby petrol station.

The petrol attendant at the petrol station refused to aid the Good Samaritan, worried about his safety over potential robbers. Ya, I don't blame him for his dilemma. Nowadays, robbery and snatch theft cases in KL and Klang Valley are like part of the life. It doesn't discriminate the rich, celebrities or the poor ones. Every year, there's at least 2 or 3 such cases involving someone that I know. Somemore it's early dawn of the day and fear of potential robbery was highly in his mind.

Ironically, I couldn't understand why the management of the petrol station didn't have initiative to install fire extinguishers near the petrol pump. That should be part of the health and safety precaution at all time, should fire breakout at the pumps. If there was a fire extinguisher nearby the pump, the Good Samaritan could just had a few words with the attendant to borrow the fire extinguisher for rescue mission nearby without the attendant opening the door to the kiosk. Too bad, that wasn't the case. The victim might have higher chance to survive.

BP has been centre of condemn lately. Their current failure to resolve the underwater burst pipeline near the coastline of US has damaged the once clean ocean, polluted the beautiful beaches and slaughtered faunas be it birds or fishes. Americans condemn this miserable tragedy. The massive pollution should have been avoided if there is proper engineering maintenance and emergy response plan in place at all time.

In addition to that, difficulty to access fire extinguisher highlights the poor implementation of emergency responce at their petrol stations in Malaysia especially on customers' life. I might be wrong, this station might just be a secluded case but it shouldn't be a excuse. I don't think it's so expensive to install 2 fire extingushers outside near the pumps.

Praise should be given to the Good Samaritan who put in full effort to save the victim although he didn't change the course of the tragedy. Condemnation goes to BHP gas station for another manslaughter and this time a innocent citizen. To Florina RIP and to her family, please accept the deepest condolence from The People's Power.

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Edit on fact: BHP Malaysia (formerly known as BP) is not a subsidary of BP (British Petroleum). Thanks to a reader: http://www.blogger.com/profile/17976598931694667632

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

After Sibu victory, PR heading towards Sarawak State Election

After seeing DAP wins the Sibu by election, I have a feeling that SUPP will start to lose support in Chinese dominated constituencies. I bet that SUPP will not be able to race back Sibu in the next state and parliament elections. The victory in Sibu are still a main topic in most coffeeshops. Enough is enough for SUPP's unfulfilled promises. Even God has given hint by sending flood in Sibu on polling day to show SUPP's failure to solve the people's problems such as drainage systems.

Chinese have been waken in this sleepy town. SUPP in Sarikei, Miri and Kuching will be next. I'm not surprise if Ah Chan, Soon Koh and most of their armies lose in the next state election.

Slowly, Dayaks will also swing their votes to PR if the right strategies are planned to woe them against the "lucrative" wealth promised by BN. Remember not long ago government has mega plan to build 12 new dams in upstreams of rivers in Sarawak. The various social, poverty and land issues resulting conflicts between cronies of "Pak Moh" and local natives are enough to strategize in PR electoral plan. With new coalition from a Dayak party in PR hoefully will lay a smoother line to engage the natives especially in suburb and rural area.

Taib will not step down now and pass the baton to Jabu or Abg Johari because it's going to instabilize BN harder which might lead to leadership crisis. Taib is another Sami Vellu, whose party is now thirsty of new charismatic leader due to their "stuck ass syndrome". The situation in Sarawak BN will be more difficult now. SUPP is going to be humiliated in their constituencies. Under Taib, PBB might still get their backup from Melanaus and Malays votes in their legacy constituencies. Chinese and Dayaks votes are not significant there. With the internal problems faced by PKR and unpopular PAS in Sarawak, their chances to change the political scenario here is closed to null. Thanks to Taib's effort in developing these places. At least he knows how to protect his rice bowl first.

Overall, lets take out the weaken SUPP by focusing on Dayaks constituencies. If Chinese and Dayaks votes increase in next state election, then PR should be able to garner more seats from the Central and North Sarawak. DAP are getting stronger now, but other coalitions in PR should study and workout the right strategies to penetrate the other strongholds of BN. My hope is that more than 1/3 of Sarawak State Assembly will be filled with PR ADUNs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's official: DAP is victorious in Sibu!!!

Wong Ho Leng from DAP has won Sibu by election with a narrow majority of 398 votes over BN candidate.

The official result:

Wong Ho Leng (DAP): 18845
Robert Lau Jr. (BN): 18447
Narawi Haron Independent): 232

The issues with Sibu is the same elsewhere in BN dominated constituencies. The elected BN candidates are involved in acute cronism among family members and close friends. With the lost of BN in Sibu, hopefully will crack the strong bond of cronism network there. The normal Chinese in Sibu are already sick of these cronies and thanks to all the voters for this timely boost vengeance. Let's see now whether the promises made by Najib and BN worth millions of ringgit to those schools will still be reality. God shows his grace by sending flood to Sibu on polling day to highlight just how cronic these drainage systems are after so many years under BN. How about other infrastructure issues. BN, stop crowing like a cock and do your job.

This by election shows that money can't buy anything. If RM600 can buy the native's votes, this time it proves wrong. KTS link to NCR issues and exploitations might have awaken the natives to vote for DAP. In Sibu, most natives have been living in dire straits. To BN, if you really want to help, don't just help your cronies to become richer. Your "fake" aids as your election strategy will soon come to an end. Remember, native people are no longer stupid as you thought, SUCKER!!!

On common ground, the ban usage of "Allah" in Christian Bibles among natives have caused a directional change in votes this time. Majority Sarawakians are Christians be it among Bidayuh, Melanau, Iban, Kenyah, Chinese, Lumbawang, etc. Christianity teachings play important part of Sarawakians life. Since those in Malaya especially current government already ate into the pie with a touch of politics, that triggers enough hatred and anger in them. Suddenly, everyone here felt as if BN government is trying to kill them off in faith. Don't forget the ban of a few BM bibles by the government as well.

To YB Wong Ho Leng, this victory doesn't mean you are strong. It's actually a revenge on BN for them to wake up from fantasy world. You should do better and give the people more confident under your wings than the late Robert Lau. Your struggling life during your childhood shows that you can fight for the people. But without right actions, it will soon draft your downfall. I hope this achievement is the beginning to the fall of "Pak Moh" and his cronies. Sarawakians already have enough with all this exploitations by Malaya since independence. It's time for change.

Yes, DAP won the people's votes but


Based on the official votes counting, DAP candidate, Mr. Wong Ho Leng has won the Sibu by election. 110 out of 111 ballot boxes have been counted and he's leading Robert Lau Jr by 2651 votes.

Unfortunately, the postal votes (2537 in total) and electoral staffs votes have not been taken into account. As expected majority of these votes will be supporting BN since they are obligated to. Jeff Ooi shouldn't be so excited first, just wait and see for some unpredictable surprises from BN running dog, SPR.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The people are back with more energized power

After wandering away from blogging for almost 11 months, finally I made a sneak comeback to The People Power once more. For the past 11 months, I have experienced lots of ups and downs in life.

Firstly, my mum was hospitalised due to viral infection in her blood. She was in coma, then recovered but with partial stroke to her brain causing some distortion to her movement and judgement. I remembered I had to rushed home from UK at that time and thought that I would never see her again. Thank God, she's still here with us. That was the lowest down so far in my whole life. Still worse than broken hearted feelings.

Secondly, on up side, I finally become a dad to my daughter. Seeing the whole delivery process was the most trilling and scary moment but when I saw the infant came to this world, it was such a relieve to me and my wife. I actually dropped a few joyful tears in front of the doctor and nurses but it didn't really matter at that time. What matters most was the little new life created and given the living soul by the Great Creator.

Thirdly, my sense of guilt. I was away in UK when my wife was still conceiving her. I really felt sorry and pity for her due to my obligation to my company. When I flew back from oversea, the really didn't have the mood to celebrate the reunion because of my mum critical condition.

Fourth, my current feeling on our political sea in Malaysia. Things got more and more heated up nowadays. The lowly-rated sodomy saga, unsolved mystery of murder, additional increase in the brood of jumping infidels, the victory of "porn star" politician, some engineered arsoning and pigheads, the return of racist mamak, infamous "shit" remark on al-Jazeera by shitty fella and and a few on-going by-elections will spice up the political scene further into 2010. Don't forget Sarawak is heading for it's state election soon. We'll see how Uban and his band of brothers prosper this time.

Finally, do you smell "LALALALA" what the people are cooking!!!