Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free 1Malaysia email account?

Are we not satisfied enough with facebook, yahoomail, gmail, twitter etc... you name it. Now under the 1Malaysia ETP, this government is rolling out it's plan to have us the Malaysians to own a FREE 1Malaysia email account developed by this lowly profile PN17 public listed company named Tricubes. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's for FREE.

But what's the point spending so much tax payers money on this type of project. I thought not long ago, there's one GLC who already bought Friendster. They should enhance Friendster's usage not just locally but internationally to challenge Facebook and Twitter and spread their 1Malaysia propaganda. What a waste, they already have a tool in the toolbox but still want to develop another one.

Anyway, I personally sceptical about this FREE email especially the implementation outcome. Imagine by having such an email, they through MCMC are able to trace your corresponding records, your social network, your bank transactions, who you have s*x with last night and made a scandal out of it when you become opposition guy, etc. They could raid your privacy anytime. Or they can simply use some services from hackers to spam your inbox by spreading sensitive messages and then accuse you for threatening national security. Believe me, anything can happen in Bolehland. I have doubt in integrity of these controlled email accounts.

So, after they have the Polis, MACC, MCMC, EC & Utusan to control our freedom. Soon who knows the so call FREE email account for each of us would have the same implication on our privacy. Think about it. I say NO to this doggie idea.

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